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Has Success Stopped You from Growing Your Business?

Has Success Stopped You from Growing Your Business?

Twenty Years From Now You Will Be More Disappointed By The Things You Didn’t Do Than By The Ones You Did Do -- Mark Twain

Twenty Years From Now You Will Be More Disappointed By The Things You Didn’t Do Than By The Ones You Did Do -- Mark Twain

An evergreen quote

…yet one we should heed as entrepreneurs.

Time slips away and our dreams will, too, if we don’t continuously reach beyond the daily routines of small business…

You became an entrepreneur for the challenge of freedom and exploration.

Don’t settle just because you have pride of accomplishment. Keep reaching to the next level.

Or, 20 years from now… 

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SMBs: An Unhappy Staff Will Kill Your Marketing Efforts
UN HAPPYAs Dr. Phil would say, “How’s that working for ya?”

You spent a fortune on marketing, but you have a disgruntled staff. Yes, you might say they are lucky to have a job in these times of high unemployment, but do you really want to sabotage your marketing efforts with an unhappy staff?

  • A simple thank you goes a long way.
  • An occasional perk (like a reward of free product or a healthy employee…

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You’re Not from Around Here, Are You? Social Etiquette or Regional Bias?

You’re Not from Around Here, Are You? Social Etiquette or Regional Bias?

Meme - Don't take offense if I call you Ma'am There is a trend in Social Media that kind of pisses me off. I’m wondering if it pisses you off, too.

Lots of memes are dictating REGIONAL social etiquette. WHY? Social Media lives online – a.k.a. WORLDWIDE.

And the uppity tone is giving me agida. It is as if you are “less than” if you don’t use THEIR regional vernacular. So here’s my rant.

What’s disrespectful in one region is normal in another.

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I’m Over Facebook - They Just Don’t Give a Damn About Our UX

I’m Over Facebook – They Just Don’t Give a Damn About Our UX

The ONLY reason I haven’t deleted Facebook gets a thumbs downmy Facebook accounts – personal and biz – is to stay in touch with the many friends and followers I value who simply aren’t anywhere else on Social Media. (Secretly I wish they’d leave Facebook so I could, too.)

But, I am no longer wasting my time there trying to cultivate more followers.

I have been on Social Media since 2008 and have spent as much time…

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Can Social Media Expand Your Search Results?

Facebook Review

My client had a birthday soon, but is half way across the nation (it’s always a good practice to appreciate your clients).

At any rate, I needed to purchase a gift for a client 900 miles away in Wichita, KS. I could have used Amazon or any other national online website e-commerce site to ship something to her. But then, I remembered her business is in a large shopping plaza. Surely there should…

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Facebook Business Pages Want More Likes, NOT Likes. Huh?

Facebook Business Pages Want More Likes, NOT Likes. Huh?

Dear Facebook, Why did you choose the same word on business pages – LIKE – for becoming a fan AND for giving approval to a post?

On a business page, if you ask people to like your PAGE, you may get a POST “Like,” when you really wanted a PAGE “Like.” (see image below)

Whick kind of Facebook Like?

On personal pages, one can “add a friend.” Then one can “Like” their posts. No one gets the functions confused.

Facebook Add Friend button

So no matter…

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3 Reasons NOT to DIY Market Your Small Business
Piggy bank upside downDoes this image look familiar?

You tried to DIY market again, didn’t you?

My husband and I are both entrepreneurs, and when we need help on anything outside our frame of expertise, here are 3 considerations we recount when we get the DIY itch and are dying to scratch.

1.  The expert you hire EARNED that status.

For your own small business, you earned expert status how? Right, by working hard to…

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14 Reasons You Might be a Small Business Owner
Small Business Owner overworkingYou might be a small business owner if*:
  1. you’re on a first name basis with the drive-thru coffee shop baristas
  2. your inbox has 100+ unopened emails, and over 10,000 undeleted
  3. out-of-town vacations include a trade show
  4. stay-at home vacations involve organizing files, deleting emails, re-habbing your website and re-merchandising your store.
  5. if you’re on ET, you get irked mornings when you want to…

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Spammers, Hackers, Identity Thieves! Oh, My! Share, Like, Pin and Plus Carefully
Spammers may use memes to gain access to data

Spammers, hackers, and identity thieves may use memes and fake posts to gain access to data. Watch for grammar and spelling errors. Click on the source before engaging.

Facebook Privacy Scares

In light of the recent “shock” of learning Facebook has been conducting research on our emotions via manipulation of our feeds, I pondered the naiveté of social media users. Facebook will sometimes overstep…

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SMBs: Stop Ignoring Google Plus!

SMBs: Stop Ignoring Google Plus!

Google Plus Logo CollageGoogle+ is DEFINITELY gaining ground.

If you haven’t taken the time to explore the beauty, versatility, and content quality of Google+, you simply don’t know what you are missing and you are paying too much attention to old information.

IMHO, G+ is the perfect blend of Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and Instagram rolled into one.

That’s not to say they will fade away, but much of what is missing in…

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